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One Page Resume

In 2014, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) started the initiative namely “Interactive One Page Resume” to enhance the university graduates employability and lower the unemployment rate in Malaysia.  In addition, this program really assisted students to secure their first job after completing their studies.

OPR benefited the industries by simplifying the necessary effort in searching candidates to fill their vacancies. We provide list of students to the industries so that the industries can manage the rest where they only have to choose the best candidate to be placed in their company by getting the complete resume from CPDC bank.

From student side, OPR is one of the initiative that was create to help student complete their own resume using an interactive way. Students just need to click the information and can complete their resume within five minute. By using this resume, student can complete their resume start from first year and can use this resume for applying the job and also for internship.