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What is CPDC?

Career Placement & Development Centre (CPDC) was officially established as a centre at JJIM on 1 August 2015. Its establishment is in line with the upgrading of JJIM from a division to the status of a department. CPDC takes on the role of providing the resources and services to students and graduates on matters related to career development, career placement and also industrial training. CPDC is also responsible for providing support for students’ career development from the first semester until they graduate. Regardless of the year of study or their interests, CPDC strives to become the resource centre for students to learn more about career, access information about internship and jobs as well as explore job opportunities for career path and life after graduation.

            Hence, CPDC encourages students to become proactive in planning their career paths through involvement in CPDC programs and services offered.

Functions and Roles of CPDC:

  1. Manage and coordinate students’ career development activities/ programs in a more organized manner and systematically.
  2. Develop graduate employability skills among Universiti Malaysia Pahang students.
  3. Develop networking with the industry in order to identify the workforce needs and appropriate career match.
  4. Provide career related training (as well as intervention programs) in a more organized manner and continuously.
  5. Conduct research and collect information regarding students and employers for the management.