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Industry Partnership & Community Relation Department

PNC Welcome Note

01 dean

Assalamualaikum & Salam 1 Malaysia.
Welcome to the portal of the Industry Partnership & Community Relation Department UMP!
The Department is also simply known as JJIM which is an acronym for Jabatan Jaringan Industri dan Masyarakat. This website aims to provide you with information about JJIM.
In brief, the establishment of JJIM is seen as an entity that promotes and links the involvement and cooperation between academia and industry as well as the communities in which indirectly improve the standard of living and income for the community and also enhance the strategic partnerships between higher institutions with industries.
On a final note, I hope the information contained in this portal will be useful for you. For the industries out there, we are looking forward to work closely for future collaboration and engagement.

I hope that you have a great and productive year!