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What Is AIC?

The Division of Academia-Industry-Community (AIC) was established in February 2012 serves to enhance and coordinate cooperation of UMP with industry and community in an effort to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, research and development as well as services. The role of this division is to strengthen the current and existing partnership between industry and university as well as community in the area of university-industry partnership and university-community relation platforms.
This division play the main roles as a catalyst towards engaging with the industry and community in order to address the needs of both industry and community in the generation of new knowledge as well as the creation of applicable and economically useful knowledge for the well-being of the society given the university’s role as the economic and intellectual’s engine for the nation. The uplift of University – industry collaborations should be synergized with the academicians and they must understand the needs of the industry whereby the academic community expertise could be accessed by the industries.

What is AIC