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Industry Engagement Zone or Ind-E-Zone is a one-stop centre for career information which links students to relevant information regarding the industry and educate students about training opportunities and career prospects in Malaysia’s main industries. This initiative which has been introduced and fully sponsored by Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) aims to bridge the gap between employers and the university. TalentCorp works with JobStreet.com to enhance the Ind-E-Zone activities which will creare more platforms for young talents to obtain information and search for opportunities needed to plan their professional development. As part of the measures supported by TalentCorp to enhance graduate employability, Ind-E-Zone provides the platform and the meeting point between universities and leading employers to enhance career service at public universities. UMP Ind-E-Zone is placed under the management of Career Placement & Development Centre at JJIM in Kompleks Perkhidmatan Siswa, Gambang Campus.